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Manny Cosme Photo

Manny Cosme

President and CEO

About Manny

An entrepreneur with diverse accounting experience and a love for sharing knowledge, Manuel “Manny” Cosme is driven to help other small businesses.  Working in large and small companies – and for himself – Manny witnessed that ongoing struggles with financial responsibilities often hold businesses back from their goals. He saw a solution and made it happen with the creation of CFO Services Group.

 With more than 15 years of focus on managing finances and administration, Manny has the high-level experience and training that his clients need and want. He worked as a financial statement auditor in a national public accounting firm and left to join a small accounting firm focusing on bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation for small businesses.  He jumped at the opportunity to purchase the payroll processing portion of the business and incorporated it under the name of PBSG, Inc.  After three years, he successfully positioned the company and sold it to a major competitor, Fortune 500 payroll company ADP.  

Having realized how much he loved running a business, Manny began looking for an opportunity to create one from the ground up as he gained more management experience. He became the accounting manager for the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and then moved across the country to accept the position of Chief Financial Officer for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.

 After three years as CFO, Cosme felt the time was right to launch his new business. He created CFO Services Group in 2012 and looks forward to building a national clientele. “I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and I believe in helping others.”

Manny credits his training as a relationship coach and his spiritual studies for his approach to understanding and advising his clients.  

 “Listening, educating, being proactive. Those are the ways I can make a difference,” he said. “Owners seem comfortable talking to me and that helps head off problems.”

In addition to leading the team at CFO Services  Group, Cosme serves as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for both the Equality Chamber of Commerce DC Metro Area and the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is Finance Chair for Entrepreneur Organization DC Accelerator program.

Manny graduated summa cum laude from the School of Economics and Business Administration at Saint Mary’s College in California, with a dual major in Accounting and Economics and a minor in Mathematics.

Morgan Jameson Photo

Morgan Jameson 

Director of Sales & Marketing 

About Morgan

Morgan Jameson comes to CFO Services Group after a long and successful career in fundraising and advocacy work.  Morgan most recently served as the Business Engagement Director for Equality Virginia, a statewide nonprofit organization focusing on equality and nondiscrimination in the workplace.  Prior to that, he operated his own business, a general consulting firm with a focus on fundraising and communications. Morgan also worked for members of the Virginia General Assembly as a Legislative Assistant for five legislative sessions spanning from 2014 to 2018.

Through his previous experience and professional development, Morgan is well equipped to listen and identify the unique needs of individuals and offer creative solutions to bring about desired results. He is a problem solver at heart and will work with you to develop and implement systems to strengthen your infrastructure to save you time and resources…and ultimately deliver success.

Morgan is a local to the greater Washington DC Metro Area, having lived in Northern Virginia most of his life, and is accustomed to the fast passed lifestyle of the region. He is an active member of his community and engaged with the civic process; serving on boards and commissions at various levels.

Morgan is excited to work with small but growing businesses and non-profits to address their unique challenges and help them achieve their goals.

Lin Walker Portrait Photo

Lin Walker

Accounting Services Manager

About Lin

Lin Walker is a primary point of contact at CFO Services Group and her extensive business background provides a broad perspective for helping you with day-to-day details and big-picture decision making. She has been with the firm since June 2017 and also has experience in the nonprofit accounting sector, hands-on operations management at smaller businesses, and HR expertise.

​As a senior lead accountant, Lin onboards new clients provides CFO-level consulting and strategy, conducts quality control reviews of client files, and provides training to strengthen the skills of our growing staff. Lin is devoted to developing a strong team. “We all work well together and my mission is to build on that teamwork with consistency, new skills, and communication.”

Previously she served as senior accountant for the donor-advised fund Razoo Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, where she supervised and ran disbursements of millions of dollars in donations. She also was the operations manager at Garza Law Firm in Rockville, Maryland, and HR and accounting manager at Global HealthCare China in Shanghai. Previous positions provided her a solid foundation of accounting and bookkeeping skills. Her experiences created a strong appreciation for diversity. “I’ve worked and traveled all over the world. I love knowing different people and different cultures. I’m an open-minded person to work with,” she said.

​When her career took her to China, she volunteered at an orphanage for children awaiting surgery and adoption. Outside of the office, Walker loves traveling “to anywhere with water.”

Lin is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University-Pomona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Cory Dennis Photo

Cory Dennis

Lead Accountant

About Cory

Cory Dennis is a Full Charge Accountant who joins us with a diverse 7-year background in small business accounting and process efficiency improvement.

Originally from Chesapeake, VA, and now residing in Maryland with her husband and three dogs, Cory has spent her life striving to view the world through every possible lens to find the best solution to any challenge that may arise. The desire to absorb everything she can stem from her hobby of tinkering with vintage BMWs that began in her early teen years. Her strength of character has suited her well in adapting to the ebb and flow of accounting in the small business world.


Dedicating countless hours learning everything possible about accounting through every avenue available, Cory is currently pursuing formal accounting education. As a committed study in the nuances of small business accounting, she has enhanced her knowledge base with hands-on experience and a host of relevant courses and certifications.

​Cory uses her unique adaptability and service-driven personality to enhance the quality of her work. She is a self-motivated, caring individual who puts the needs of others before her own and has proven herself a significant team asset throughout her diverse professional career.

Kristi Bottoms Photo

Kristi Bottoms

Associate Accountant

About Kristi

Kristi Bottoms is eager to join CFO Services Group as an Associate Accountant. She brings in-depth customer service experience as well as a passion for working with small businesses from her time in Old Town Alexandria where she worked for several years at one of the boutique shops learning the ins and outs of a small business. Kristi then got her start in accounting by working with smaller, independent businesses in the DMV area building on the foundations of accounting.

Kristi is a graduate of George Mason University with a BS in Business. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of accounting practices and growing in the field with the guidance of the CFO team. She puts getting certified and broadening her skills with a variety of accounting software and technology at the top of her career goals list.

In her spare time, Kristi loves to read and travel. Originally from Tennessee, she currently resides in Michigan with her husband.

Cali Lindeman Photo

Cai Lindeman

Full Charge Accountant

About Cali

Cai Lindeman is a native Washingtonian and a current Baltimore City resident. He is dedicated to accounting and currently furthering his education as a full-time student and associate accountant with CFO Services Group.

 Cai most recently worked for 10 years in the hospitality industry as a chef, both in the United States and internationally. After helping to open The Dabney in D.C., he moved to Baltimore and led the culinary team at an independent restaurant group. Cai learned every aspect of food service, from designing kitchens to creating menus, and managing financials. It was in financial operations that Cai found he had both an affinity and room to grow.

 Cai applies the hard work and customer service he learned in the restaurant industry to his career in accounting. He delights in a challenge and thrives in dynamic situations that require creative problem-solving. He is thoroughly loyal to his colleagues, friends, and family; pets included. Cai has two cats, an American Bulldog, and an overgrown, well-loved garden. 

Cai is thrilled to work with the growing CFO Services family. He is on track to graduate at the top of his class in 2021 and looks forward to continuing his academic and professional education. 

Chuck Portrait photo

Chuck Coveleski 

Independent Sales Representative

About Chuck

An experienced sales executive with diverse industry experience and a love for helping others, Chuck Coveleski is driven to help others overcome business challenges.
Working for both large and small companies – and for himself – Chuck has seen and experienced the positive effects of making practical sales and business decisions on a business and the team.

Chuck enjoys using his experience to act as a trusted advisor when helping clients make sound decisions about investing in their financial wellbeing and working with CFO Services Group.

Chuck brings over 35 years of diverse industry experience including hospitality, retail, and consulting management with a unique emphasis on working with sales, marketing and project teams to better leverage technology and market analytic tools to be more potent in driving results. Additionally, he works with C Level and Executive leadership to understand how to develop and refine processes across the business to meet the needs of the customer and the business.
Chuck started working at his family’s small, eclectic home goods store and spent over 15 years in retail executive management, sales, buying, and marketing; 9 years at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, 5 years in software development, testing and government contracting, and founded and manages his own sales, marketing & technology consulting firm for over 5 years.
Chuck volunteers as a Board Member of the Equality Chamber of Commerce of DC, serves as the 2021 President of the Equality Chamber Foundation. Chuck enjoys traveling to far off places, experiencing the world at large, connecting with new people & cultures, and enjoying the beauty of the monuments and sites of Washington DC.

Lauren Gilson Photo

Lauren Gilson

Associate Accountant

About Lauren

Lauren Gilson, a Baltimore native, brings a variety of professional experiences to her Associate Accountant position at CFO Services Group.  

 She was awarded a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at Alfred University NYSCC, and after international gallery shows and professional artistic initiatives, she returned to Baltimore to regroup. Lauren continued her creative work specializing in murals and design, while simultaneously gaining experience in various industries including manufacturing, retail, and food service. Through these positions, she gained intimate knowledge managing inventories, internal reporting, and costing strategies. After over five years of building relationships with creatives and small business owners, she saw an opportunity to blend her creativity, social skills, and a lifelong love of mathematics, by returning to school to pursue a CPA certification.  

Lauren’s commitment to her community is reflected in her work ethic. Her experience with small businesses has strengthened her creative problem-solving skills and understanding of the value of teamwork. These relationships reinforced her philosophy of the importance of respect, joy, and harmony in a successful work environment. She believes that sensitivity to details and a can-do attitude make any task an exciting challenge, and any communication an opportunity to connect. Through numerous years in customer service and recent work in a Tax Accounting Internship, Lauren finds great satisfaction in guiding others and conveying nuanced information.  

In her downtime, Lauren likes to visit with her network of family and friends, as well as maintain her personal art practices. 

Jill Shalett Photo

Jill Shalett

Independent Support Provider

About Jill

Jill Shalett found her love of bookkeeping by helping small business owners get and stay organized while raising her young children. This part-time freelance work eventually became a wonderful career in bookkeeping as Jill discovered that she has a knack for details and a love of helping small business owners with solutions on improved efficiencies and workflow.

By working with small business owners, Jill guides her clients with understandable language and creates processes with cloud-based solutions customized for their individual needs. Jill focuses on finding solutions to maximize workflow, creating accurate financial information for successful informed, confident, and profitable decisions.

Jill is originally from Saginaw, MI, and moved to Washington, D.C. in 1999 after graduating from Michigan State University with a BA in Family Community Services. Jill brings her background in helping others to the forefront when working with small business owners to better understand their specific needs, finding the best solutions.

Jill currently lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, two teenage daughters, and their dog and cat. She is excited to work with CFO Services Group and contribute to the success of the company’s clients.

Kelly Abrahams Photo

Kelly Abrahams

Independent Support Provider

About Kelly

Kelly Abrahams is a Certified Professional Advisor and founded her business ASK Bookkeeping, LLC in 2014 upon recognizing the need for bookkeepers for businesses in her community. Kelly has experience in accounting across multiple industries including the medical field, insurance, and agriculture.

She has hosted workshops focused on QuickBooks and bookkeeping practices all over the country. She also works full-time with Nebraska Extension in Dodge County.

Kelly graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Agribusiness. She lives in Hooper, Nebraska with Robert, her husband of 20 years, and their 3 children Ashley, Alex, and Austin.

Paola Zambrana Photo

Paola Zambrana

Business Development Representative

About Paola

Paola has resided in Fairfax, VA her whole life and adores Northern Virginia for all the natural beauty it has. She loves connecting with other people as well as connecting with nature. She is an Honor’s graduate from George Mason University with a BA in International Studies. Her lifetime dream is serving her community via non-profit work and volunteering in the community. She is very involved in volunteering; from packing meals for the less fortunate, serving food in shelters, handing out care packages to the homeless in winter, and many more activities within her local community. She also serves the Childhood Cancer community, a cause very close to her heart.

With over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, event management, and running her own business, she brings a wide range of expertise to the table. She has worked for many prestigious businesses in the Metropolitan Area, as well as some of the largest nonprofit organizations.  With this experience, she branched off to run her own business coordinating, planning and running major festivals and events in the City of Alexandria. While operating her own business and juggling it all, she learned firsthand the struggles that many small business owners face from managing day-to-day challenges to get to the bigger picture. This experience is a vital aspect of her professional growth and she is thankful to utilize it to serve other businesses by building relationships, along with defining and serving the needs of her clients with her skills as both a great team player and a leader.

When she is not working, she loves spending time with her big loud family.  She also keeps busy raising two beautiful daughters, with the oldest daughter attending college in NY and her youngest coding her way through middle school. Her favorite television show is The Office, and she and truly believes she has found her forever family here with CFO Services Group.

Leslie Reyes Photo

Leslie Reyes

Administrative Assistant

About Leslie

Leslie Reyes loves working as a freelance virtual assistant helping business owners by assisting with admin tasks, project management, accounts payable and receivable, and so much more! She previously spent many years in the healthcare industry working as a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and a pharmaceutical clinical research assistant for over 25 years. She has received a degree in Medical Administration and has been working the last six years as a medical practice manager performing various projects and tasks related to everyday office workflow, medical billing, and accounts management.

When not working she loves spending time with her grandchildren, dog, and doing CrossFit.

Dora Panagopoulos

Full Charge Accountant

About Dora

Dora is a creative mind and a bonafide number-cruncher. Her career in bookkeeping started 14 years ago when she was hired by a CPA firm as an intern and girl Friday. Fast forward to today, her sole purpose is to assist every business she is responsible for in becoming more profitable by utilizing efficient accounting processes.

In her downtime Dora spends her weekends with her family, road tripping, or basking in a beach somewhere around the globe.

Nichole Davis

Junior Financial Strategist

About Nichole

Nichole Davis is a seasoned accounting professional with 19 years of finance and accounting experience. Prior to coming to CFO Services Group, she has held several Controller and Director of Accounting positions at various nonprofit organizations. In those roles, she was primarily responsible for overseeing the financial operations, internal and external reporting, audit, tax, budget, and financial systems.

Nichole holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree – Accounting concentration, from the University of Maryland and two Masters degrees (MBA and MBA-Finance concentration) from UMUC and is currently working on the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential.

Nichole lives in the greater Washington, DC area with her husband and 5 children. In her spare time, she loves to read, travel, and spend time with her family.

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