Accounting for  Nonprofit Organizations

We know nonprofit organizations have unique accounting needs. We can tackle the basics like budgeting and annual reporting as well as challenges particular to your industry, such as grant applications and assessing cash flow and fundraising to help you plan for your organization’s future.

Get Affordable Expert Accounting Help

We provide everything from light bookkeeping help to full outsourced accounting and fractional CFO services. Consider us your partner for whatever help you need to take the stress of financial management off your shoulders.

Accounting by Program and Donor Funds

We know how much attention you pay to track everything correctly, particularly logging expenses by program and donor funds. We can take that off your hands—our expert nonprofit accountants keep tabs on all the ins and outs and provide robust information to satisfy financial reporting requirements.

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Nonprofit Bookkeeping

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services, which include one-on-one guidance to answer all your questions. We help you maintain orderly financial information to help your executives and board make important organizational decisions.

Nonprofit Budgeting

Our expert team can help you create an annual budget and specific budgets for each program and project, and then help track budget-to-actual throughout the year. This work is a core aspect of ensuring that you’re prepared to tackle each aspect of your nonprofit’s financial business.

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Board of Directors Reports

We work with you to create reports to help your board of directors make the right decisions to steer your organization. Our expert help can take the stress out of supplying the accurate, up-to-date information that your board needs.

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Audit Assistance

It’s essential to have a trusted partner by your side as you navigate the audit process. Our team takes the complexities off your hands, making sure your CPA firm has all the info needed to complete the audit successfully.

Online Classes and Group Support

Explore our library of online guidance, which offers valuable advice on bookkeeping and other important elements of financial management. And join our weekly group support sessions to get your questions answered and compare notes with your peers.